The Hip Healthy Carrier

Did you know that most babies are carried improperly without us even realizing?

Correct hip support is vital for a baby's physical development because improper positioning places pressure on your child's soft delicate joints which can cause developmental dysplasia of the hip a condition most susceptible to babies.

The Helina Baby Carrier is designed to custom fit your growing baby by providing a stable environment for your child's hip development.  From newborn to toddlerhood, it adjusts at each stage to provide proper joint support and facilitates the prevention of developmental dysplasia of the hip.

We've also made our carrier with you in mind because carrying your baby shouldn't be complicated nor painful. Using the Mei Tai wrap style and eliminating restrictive straps and buckles, The Helina Baby Carrier provides ultra comfort and exceptional back support, so you can wear your baby for as long as you wish.