Helina Baby Ambassadors

Our Helina Baby Ambassadors are either moms who have had extensive experience using our baby carrier with their children or, babywearing educators who recognize the Helina Baby Carrier as a supportive carrier for children. Through their passion, insight, and knowledge, they understand and promote healthy and safe babywearing and are eager to support our clients during carrier coaching sessions on how to use the Helina Baby Carrier.  In addition to coaching sessions, our Ambassadors also provide pick-up locations for newly purchased carriers in the GTA. We have great gratitude for having such special dedicated people to join our team.  Thank you. 

Ashley Bagg

Hi! I'm a Mom of a spunky two-year old daughter and a cuddly 6-month old son who are my little rays of sunshine (most of the time). When I'm not at home running after my kids, I work as an obstetrics nurse, where my passion for encouraging and supporting parents and babies began!  I chose to be a Helina Baby Ambassador because this product is truly a game-changer for me; it's not just a product, it's a lifestyle! I want other Moms (and Dads!) to have the same experience and connection with their babies!



Dominique Piot-Swat

Hi, my name is Dominique. I am a mom of two, Matthieu, almost 4, and Marion, 3 months. I am proud to be a Helina Baby Ambassador as I believe strongly that babywearing with a great carrier can transform your babywearing experience. With my first, babywearing was done out of necessity, at home when he would not settle and I had to do household chores. Now, with the Helina Baby Carrier, babywearing is very often a choice over the stroller, even on long outings, a staple at home, in restaurants, in the park... Knowing that my baby is comfortable, safe and secure on me made a world of difference. I will be happy to share my experience with you, show you how to embark on the path and the joy of babywearing.




Allie Dennis

Hi, I am Allie.  I am a mum and a babywearer. Since finding my passion for babywearing, I have become a babywearing educator and have helped families, friends and acquaintances learn how to use a variety of baby carriers. I am so happy to discover the Helina Baby Carrier that is a comfortable,  high-quality, organic product, made right here in Canada. I simply love it, and I am proud to be a Helina Baby Ambassador.


Ina Avote

Hi, my name is Ina and I am mama to  five year old Noah and two year old Elouise. I have carried both of my babies and still do regularly! I also use the Helina Baby carrier on many little ones who have become part of my life as it has proved to bond, comfort and bridge the separation from babies' moms with success. I am passionate about wearing your infant, baby, toddler or even an overtired preschooler as it has brought more love, peace, closeness, strength and everyday ease into our striving family. We have been fortunate to meet Ingrid soon after Elouise was born (two years ago) and thus I have been using the Helina Baby Carrier for close to two years. It is by far one amazing gem that we always have with us and have traveled with far and wide. After using and trying multiple other wraps and carriers with my first child, Helina Baby is the one. It is truly organic, live and personalized carrier for the baby and the parent (or caregiver). I would love to share my passion, knowledge and benefits of using of this carrier.  

Ashlee Prestidge

Hi there, my name is Ashlee Prestidge, I am a mother of a 19 months old son and almost three months old daughter. I chose to be a Helina Baby Ambassador because I firmly believe in the companies efforts to spread the importance of healthy babywearing and the carriers supportive benefits.  At birth, both my babies were diagnosed with clicking hips.  As a result, there were a multiple of ultrasounds and follow-ups with orthopaedic surgeons and I had to learn how to ensure supportive positioning for them. One of their recommendations was to babywear. After using the Helina Baby Carrier, I could see how the adjustable features allowed me to support my daughter's hip in a healthy position.  And for me, it was a lifesaver because I found wraps overwhelming to use.  Having two kids under two can be quite challenging at times and having this amazing supportive carrier along with the education has improved the quality of mine and my children’s life.  What better than carrying your baby and helping her thrive at the same time!


Helina photoshoot 2-10.jpg

Nalini Gayle

Hi, my name is Nalini and I am a Helina Baby Ambassador.  At the moment, it's really hard for me to show you how to put a carrier on because the carrier is really big for me but I  when my mommy makes carriers for kids, I will show you then.  I love my Helina Baby Carrier because I get to ride on my mommy's back but now she only carries me when I am sleeping.  I love my mommy and I love Helina Baby.



Mei Tai Carrier.jpg

Mitra Suri

Hello! My name is Mitra and I am a Mother of two beautiful wild children and we live in Vancouver, BC. My son’s name is Hopper and he is 2.5y and my daughters name is Harriet and she is 10 months old. You can always find me wearing at least one baby or tandem wearing both babies during our daily walks to the park or grocery store. My love for baby wearing started when I was a kid growing up in Chinatown in downtown Toronto. I remember seeing people wearing their babies in Traditional carriers and always knew I would wear my babies. I have had many wraps and carriers come and go, but my Helina Baby Carrier is here to stay! I love how accessible and affordable it is and simple to use. I’m excited and honoured to be an Ambassador for Helina Baby Carrier and cannot wait to share this carrier with other parernt’s out here in BC. I am fortunate to have met Ingrid and to call her my friend. Lot’s of light and love, Mitra. Suri.