Transforming Your Food with Heart Energy

For many us, eating three meals a day of fresh organic food is not easy.  The reality is, organic food, although full of vitality and free of toxins, is expensive and sometimes, depending where you live or you travel to, is not readily accessible.  But, if we go beyond what it is that we see, perhaps there is something we can do to give the food we eat a higher vibrational energy. 

Everything is energy.   If you agree to this, then you can understand that you have the power to change the vibrational energy of your food. How, do you ask?  By sending loving energy towards your meal before your eat it.  I also give thanks to all the helping hands that has made it possible for my food to sit before me.  

I have witnessed this profound practice during my travels to Varanasi, the holiest city in India.   The great Ganges flows through Varanasi and this river is known for its miraculous healing power; it is the sacred river of India. If you didn't know, the Ganges is one of the five most polluted rivers in the world. However, many people use this water to heal from physical or spiritual issues.

Photo by Srdan Graovac

Photo by Srdan Graovac

So, how can this polluted water be a source of healing?  Well, I am sure there are many explanations and disagreements about its healing powers but from what I conclude, it is the daily prayer the Ganges receives from its people.  

Every evening, residents and tourists gather along the banks of Mother Ganga to thank her for her healing powers and to send her their loving energy.    The detail of wardrobe, stage presence and music invested into this prayer is incredible. How can the water not be affected?

Another example of our power to change vibrational energy was demonstrated by Masaru Emoto, doctor of alternative medicine, author, and entrepreneur.  Dr Emoto showed us how words, ideas and music affected water crystals.    Positive vibrations always formed beautiful bright clear crystals and negative vibrations formed disfigured crystals.  Interesting isn't it?


The next time you sit before your meal, give it a try.  Close your eyes and send your food your loving energy.  And, although you cannot see the transformation when you open your eyes, know that whatever flows out from your heart will make a difference! 



Posted on May 14, 2016 and filed under Mind & Body, Nutrition.