Listening to the Divine Within

Painting by Michelle Pfeiffer

Painting by Michelle Pfeiffer

As humans, we posses a divine wisdom that guides us, protects us and holds a space for us to step fully into who we are.  It is this wisdom that helps us make the right decisions for ourselves, our children and our families.  When we make these decisions, it is a matter of listening and trusting the answers we feel are right; not what we think is right but what we feel is right.  I emphasize the word feel instead of think because feeling and thinking come from two separate places: feeling comes from the body and thinking comes from the mind.  While the mind is easily influenced, the body, with its subtle reactions, speak our truth.

Women back in the mid-1800’s to early 1900’s, were often told to ignore this divine wisdom. Authoritarian doctors and psychologists published books that told them not to pick up their babies when they cry or not to give them too much affection in fear they will grow up “needy”.   It was in those times that women’s cords—our cords—were cut to divine wisdom.  It was the beginning of a movement of looking outside ourselves instead of looking within.  Advice like this went on for almost four decades.  The goal these “experts” was to create a nation of outstanding members of society.  Somehow they concluded that by treating the child as a little adult, they would accomplish this goal.  While this theory had no proven evidence, which was later realized, still it caused a great deal of damage. And this damage is still perpetuating.  How many times as mothers do we still look to professionals, books, and the internet more than we look within? 

I believe it is beneficial to educate ourselves and learn from experts who can share information to bring us to the next level of awareness.  But I also believe that we, mothers,  are experts in knowing what is right for our families and for ourselves.  We see this in the countless stories of mothers who won’t settle with a professional’s diagnosis because they feel something more is going on with their children.  Look at the child for instance who swallowed a battery in Ajax Ontario!  The mother saw five different doctors until the problem was discovered.  It is that knowing power that I am speaking of.  It is the power of a mother.

So perhaps you may ask, how do I tap into this knowing?  It is very simple.  Our bodies communicate so much to us and all we have to do is listen.  Sit quietly with yourself and pay attention to your breath.  Ask yourself or even better, ask someone to ask you a question and see what arises in your body.  Does your breath shorten? Does it remain the same?  Do your muscles tense?  Do you feel more relaxed?  It is in these subtle reactions of your body that you can discover your truth. And most importantly, when you encounter your truth, trust it! It will not steer you wrong. 

I write this blog as just a reminder that you are powerful and have everything you need inside. Find this divine wisdom, trust it, love it, nurture it and celebrate it and know, this kind of power and wisdom will never leave you. 

Posted on May 26, 2016 and filed under Parenting, Mind & Body.