Our Vancouver Ambassador Mitra Suri

I am delighted to introduce to you Mitra Suri.  She is a mom of two children and a babywearing enthusiast.  I met Mitra online in the Toronto Babywearing group, Carry Me Close.  Mitra was the first out of over 1000 members to congratulate me on Helina Baby, and she took further action by engaging with me to learn more.  After talking with Mitra, she asked if I could send her a traveling carrier for her to try.  I met her request and sent one to Vancouver where she lives.  Mitra loved the carrier and decided to write a review on it.  In June 2016, Mitra came to Toronto, so we got to spend the day together with our children in Trinity Park.  It was a beautiful day. We sat on a blanket and ate healthy food.  The kids played while we got to know each other and share our love of babywearing.  Our connection was effortless from the beginning and if felt as though we were friends from the past.  With Mitra's love for the Helina Baby Carrier and her love for babywearing, it only made sense for Mitra to become a Helina Baby Ambassador.

Mitra lives in Port Moody, BC.  If you live in Vancouver and would like to purchase or try a Helina Baby Carrier, please choose "pick up" when you order or, contact us to make an appointment with Mitra.

Posted on July 5, 2016 and filed under Babywearing.