About The Helina Carrier

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Our Asian-style carrier called a Mei Tai (pronounced “may tie”) is designed to carry a children on the front and back of the wearer’s body, it also adjusts in height and width to provide a custom fit for a newborn or toddler. Traditionally, baby carrying uses a simple piece of cloth that makes the carrying process an easy and natural one. Keeping this in mind, we designed our carrier after this model. We created a simple, adjustable carrier without restrictive straps or buckles that provides exceptional back support. This flexible design allows our carrier to fit most sized men and women, makes it easy for breastfeeding and switching from one wearer to another.

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                        Benefits of The Helina Carrier

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Left, three-week-old baby.  Right, two-and-a-half year old toddler.

Left, three-week-old baby.  Right, two-and-a-half year old toddler.

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Helina Carrier Tote


The Helina Carrier provides excellent support utilizing a crisscross technique on the wearer's back which allows the weight of the baby to be centered at all times.
The Helina Carrier is designed to carry a child from 8-35lbs on the front and back of the wearer’s body. 
The width of the carrier can be adjusted to the custom distance between the baby's knees (knee pit to knee pit) that would ensure the M-shape position of baby's legs.  Note: as babies grow into toddlers, they naturally sit in a J-shape position due to their more developed spines.
The height can be customized to help secure the baby's thighs and to reduce the gaps at the side of the carrier! 
The Helina Carrier helps make breastfeeding easier.  Feed baby on demand, discretely, without taking baby out!


Children who are diagnosed with Hip dysplasia usually wear a medical device called a Palvik Harness for several weeks.  The Helina Carrier provides a comfortable fit allowing movement of the legs and without pinching the back strap of the harness. Read about one mum's experience with The Helina Carrier and the Palvik Harness. Learn more.
We use certified organic cotton and avoid the productions of plastic. The adjustable features, that are designed to support each stage of a baby's growth, use all-natural coconut shell buttons, individually hand-crafted to meet our specifications. This means we bring you the first plastic free adjustable baby carrier.
Our carriers are made from durable canvas that is easily cleaned for extended usage. There's no throwaway packaging! Your Helina Carrier comes in its own bag which may be utilized to carry items while you are using The Helina Carrier.

Why doctor Alidina recommends The Helina Carrier


A very special benefit of The Helina Carrier

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“I’ve seen some mothers ask about baby wearing/ carriers and I’d just like to share my amazing experience with Ingrid. She is a Canadian mother trying to create a hip friendly baby carrier that can be worn while also properly supporting a baby’s hips. The carrier can be worn with a pelvic harness on. She is also working on educating the public on hip dysphasia. 

My daughter has been in a pelvic harness for 6 weeks now and since day 1 I have been searching for the right carrier/ wrap. I have bought and returned over 20. Even the brands that our orthopaedic surgeon suggested didn’t work for us. Almost all carriers pinch the back strap or didn’t allow movement at all. Any mom with a harness knows the importance of ensuring movement in the legs. I found the Moby wrap worked great but now that my daughter is at the weight point where the wrap stretches. I am holding her up more with my arms so she is comfortable. 

Ingrid contacted me asking if I’d be willing so share our journey to healthy hips to help with her research. Little did I know I’d find our solution for a baby carrier that we both enjoy! Check it out this has helped us so much. I hope it helps as many parents possible!”

For more resources on hip health, please click here

Safety and Testing

We are very proud to inform our customers that The Helina Carrier has been tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to meet high safety standards. We are also proud members of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. We believe you’ll love the safety of The Helina  Carrier!

Using The Helina  Carrier is natural and easy! But because babywearing is askill, we believe education on the safety and proper use of the carrier is essential. That’s why we offer you  a variety different resources to help you get the best babywearing experience. To learn more, please visit our resource page. 

If you are interested in our carrier and would like to try one on, please contact us to make an appointment.  We are sure you will love it!