Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I breastfeed in my carrier?


Yes!  The beauty of using your carrier is that it supports baby-led breastfeeding. With baby-led breastfeeding, the baby decides when to nurse instead of following a schedule.  Having the carrier is very convenient because you can nurse in privacy just about anywhere.



Q.   How do I breastfeed in my carrier?


To breastfeed in your Helina Carrier, it works best when you are confident with your ability to  use your carrier and  have established a good nursing relationship with your baby.  It can be overwhelming to learn two new skills at once. If you are ready to give it a go,  check out the video link on How-To Breastfeed in your Helina Carrier.


 Q. When should babywearing stop?


Babywearing, just like breastfeeding, comes to and end when it feels right to you.  Some caregivers believe that babywearing should end when their child has learned to walk, but that is not always true.  Keep in mind how useful a carrier can be when your child is walking and wants to touch everything in sight!  Now, your purpose for using the carrier is different.   When you have to do tasks that require your full attention using a carrier is a great option.


Q. How can I babywear with twins or triplets?


Babywearing is especially handy for caregivers of multiple birth families, allowing caregivers to have their hands free while attending to all their children’s needs.

Wearing two babies, with two separate carriers at one time is called tandem babywearing.  We do not recommend for caregivers to tandem wear with two Helina Carriers.  However, wearing two babies at one time can be accomplished by using a Helina Baby carrier with a soft structured carrier, ring sling or woven wrap. Tandem wearing is an advanced skill and should not be attempted unless you are confident in how to use both your carriers.   

Here three options for using the Helina Carrier for more than one baby:

Option A: Have one baby carrier for each caregiver.

Option B: Wear one child on the back (the child should be able to sit unassisted) and carry the other in your arms or a stroller. 

Option C: For triplets, each parent can wear a child and carry the 3rd child in their arms or place in a stroller.


Q. Can I start babywearing if my baby is already walking?


It is never too late to start wearing your baby as long as your baby is within the recommended weight limit.  At this stage, it is best to begin wearing your baby for short 20-minute periods of time. Increase the time gradually to allow for your body to adjust and your baby to get accustomed to being carried in a new and wonderful way!


Q. Can I wear my baby after a C-Section?


It is always best to consult with your health practitioner before you begin babywearing after a C-section.  Most importantly, it should feel comfortable and safe for to you.


Q. Can I do a hip carry with The Helina Carrier?


The Helina Carrier is intended for front and back carries only.  We do not suggest using the carrier for a hip carry because it is not as secure or comfortable to wear. 


Q. Can I babywear if I am pregnant?


We always suggest consulting with your health care practitioner first.  We do not recommend babywearing in cases of high-risk pregnancies.  If you have been wearing your first baby for some time and are newly pregnant, your body is already used to carrying the extra weight, so it won’t be as stressful to your body.  However, if you are newly pregnant and want to begin babywearing with your other child, it is best to wait and start your babywearing journey after you give birth.  Your body is already going through a lot of changes. Adding too many new factors to the body can be stressful.  


Q. Does a baby get spoiled with babywearing?


This has been a myth for many years.  You can never spoil a baby with touch, love and affection.  The idea that holding children too much will spoil them began in the late 1800s because professionals viewed children as adults in training.  They believed children could be shaped into a specific type of adult if they were treated with a lack of affection and strict discipline, and by not responding to their needs. These ideas were developed from baseless facts and still continue to be perpetuated as truths in today’s society.


Q. Why does Helina Baby not promote the forward facing position?


We find wisdom in following traditional cultures that have been carrying babies connected to their caregivers for thousands of years.  We believe it is difficult to care properly for your baby in the forward facing position, feel comfort and achieve closeness.  At Helina Baby we aim to support your child’s development, and we want you to have the best babywearing experience possible. To read more about the disadvantages of the forward facing position, click here.


Please feel free to send us your questions about babywearing.  Your questions will help everyone get the same benefits from their carriers. Click here to submit your questions.