Helina Baby Inc.

The Helina Carrier designed to benefit both parent and child

When Ingrid Gayle became a mother in 2010, she fell in love with carrying her daughter in a carrier. However, she discovered that existing carriers didn’t provide beneficial positioning for hip development, especially in newborns, nor were they easy to use or comfortable. So she decided to develop her own.

The result is The Helina Carrier, an Asian-style carrier called a Mei Tai (pronounced “may tie”). Built to carry children weighing 8-35 lbs., it features benefits that differentiate it from ordinary carriers:

  • The Helina Carrier is specifically designed with a child’s hip health in mind.  The carrier is adjustable in width and height to custom-fit a newborn or toddler, so it grows with the baby to provide effective hip support.  It’s the only carrier a parent will ever have to buy.
  • The carrier is made without restrictive straps or hard plastic and offers exceptional back support and comfort for parents. It fits almost every body type and is easy and light to wear.
  • It’s eco-conscious.  It’s the first plastic free adjustable carrier, only uses certified organic cotton and low impact dyes.  Made from strong organic canvas material, it will last for years.  It’s sold in its own canvas bag to avoid the use of throwaway packaging.

The Helina Carrier is the product of scientific research and Ingrid’s personal experience and training. She is a certified babywearing educator with the Babywearing Institute in Utah, which teaches best practices and safety for carrying babies. Working with Dr. Fettweis, an orthopedic surgeon in Germany, Ingrid designed a carrier that provides a stable environment for healthy hip development in babies while being comfortable for parents.

Ingrid is proud of her product and her mission to educate parents about the advantages of supportive babywearing. “It’s an amazing feeling to design something with a deeper, meaningful purpose,” Ingrid says.

Co-owner Ina Avote has been the chief product testing mother for the past three years – she has carried all three of her children in The Helina Carrier.

Upon request, the company has traveling Helina Carriers for journalists and bloggers to experience hands-on.

MEDIA CONTACT: Ingrid Gayle is available for interviews and to answer any questions. Contact us.

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