Product Reviews

Reviewed by Cindy Larrivee, babywearing consultant and educator,  founder of Portage Double  

June 10 2016


Reviewed by Mitra Suri, Babywearing Doula.

May 30, 2016

Mei Tai (pronounced “may tie”).  Designed to carry a child 8-35 lbs.  Made in Canada out of Organic Cotton.  Buttons made out of Coconut Shell.

When I first stumbled upon Helina Baby, I was drawn to the carrier right away because of its design and simplicity. Helina Baby’s design uses simple organic cotton to create a cool, lightweight carrier that can fit in your purse or diaper bag without sacrificing too much space. Owner and designer, Ingrid adapted the Mei Tai design to grow with baby and the coconut shells located on the side and base of the panel allow for shortening or lengthening for a custom fit. Its padded shoulder straps provide support and are filled with CertiPure™ foam so baby will not be exposed to any toxins. Really this carrier has it all!

First Impression:

When I first received Helina Baby Carrier I was impressed by how light it was. I also liked the fact that it comes with a cloth storage bag that you could use as a shoulder tote. After taking it out and inspecting it I adjusted the carrier by tightening the cloth strings on the side and bottom of the panel. Securing it with a coconut shell and knot. NO BUCKLES!! It was very easy to adjust and baby was up in no time. I also like how there is a small pocket to hold a small wallet or keys for when you need to just quickly run and get something. It was also filled with sleepy dust because Harriet, my 7-month old went right to sleep and transferred easily onto her bed. There is nothing like a successful transfer!!

After two months with this carrier I have to say it is one of my favorite carriers and I will be adding one to my forever stash. I have been using it everyday and my favorite position to carry baby right now is on my back and Helina Baby Carrier makes that very easy. I spent many days at the beach wearing Harriet and chasing after my toddler and absolutely enjoyed wearing her in it. I loved how in the heat it kept both Harriet and I cool, and I never felt the need to rip it off. It’s also very easy to nurse in and there is no need to made huge adjustments to do so. Helina Baby Carrier is very comfortable for both the wearer and baby and clean up is a cinch. You can throw it in the washing machine and hang to dry. Also, I love how it goes with every outfit and can be worn down or dressed up. There are many ways to finish or tie off your shoulder straps. I love the comfort and look of a Back Carry with a Tibetan finish.


I am so happy to have found Helina Baby Carrier and would like to thank its founder Ingrid from the bottom of my heart! 
<3 Mitra Suri, Carried Away.