How to Nurture Child Development With Babywearing

This workshop is a compliment to parents, caregivers, and professionals who enjoy learning ways to make the biggest impact on a little life.


In this 60-minute information session, we will explore:

  • the history of parenting
  • the significance of close contact
  • traditional carrying cultures
  • the advantages and disadvantages of certain carrying positions
  • the anatomy of a newborn 
  • the benefits of babywearing

You will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience using the Helina Baby Mei Tai Carrier, as well as woven wraps, ring slings and soft structured carriers (with your baby or with a demo doll) to learn best practices for keeping baby safe and secure.

The goals of this workshop are to create awareness of a baby's needs; encourage the safe, supportive, and secure use of a carrier; and enhance the bonding experience between parent and child.

If you would like us to teach a babywearing workshop at your location please contact us! We are thrilled to share the love of babywearing.