The Helina Baby Carrier

Care. Comfort. Closeness.

“I had the chance to try the Helina Baby Mei Tai Carrier with my 18 months old and I really loved it! The carrier is environmentally-friendly, the “natural” look is also really good looking and the comfort and adjustments are amazing ! I loved the fact that you can adjust the panel in height and width! My 18 months old (30 lb, 30 inches tall) still needed to use the shorten panel in height and it was awesome to have the opportunity to get a good fit for her!

As a babywearing educator myself, this is definitely a product I would recommend!”
— Cindy Larrivée

How to Put a Newborn in the Helina Baby Carrier.


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“This is the fourth carrier I have tried and by far it is my favorite. I love the way it ties around me, and my baby, and that I can rest assured knowing she is in the proper position. I absolutely love the fabric and design, especially that I can still rub my babies back through the fabric while I walk. I'm beyond happy with my Helina baby wrap.”- Crista Cober

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"I love my Helina baby carrier! It was a real game-changer after I had my second baby; now I can quickly and easily strap him on when I'm trying to keep up with my toddler! Truly custom-fitting to Mom and baby, this is a carrier you will love and use everywhere! To be made of environmentally conscious materials is just icing on the cake!" - Ashley Bagg

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"As a first time mom there have been a million new baby items I had to get... a pediatritian recommended this carrier for my little guy. He's now 3 weeks old and 8lbs and fits perfectly against my body in the carrier. I'm a size 16 and find the straps comfy and the fit natural. So Happy!! Thanks for making the house call on this chilly day Helina Baby!!". - Maja Lynn

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"The Helina Baby Carriers are very supportive and have lovely designs. I just wore it for almost 3 hours straight today with a 16lbs baby and it felt amazing. The weight distribution is great, no aches or pains, and baby was comfortable for the duration. Great carrier!"  - Shelia Young

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"Through my pregnancy journey, I was grateful in taking part of the topics I am passionate about amongst healthy attachment development with Ingrid. The workshop that shared the same belief system as I do that led me straight to Helina Baby Carriers. I have tried on and read reviews of previous carries in baby departments, but I have gone back in wanting to purchase Helina Baby. As a new mom of a 3 week old baby. My daughter has loved her carrier and it's served as my go too baby gear, especially for naps and to soothe her. I have fell in love with its light feel, flexibility, and the ability to carry her high up on my chest with not so much pressure on my back which aids posture. I will like to once again extend my thanks to Ingrid and her lovely sidekick who had the bother to deliver it at the comfort of my home as I am still recuperating after birth and adjusting with my newborn. It met a lot!"