Keeping it Simple

In preparation for my baby’s birth, I chose to keep it simple! It was my preference not to buy a crib,  high chair, a stroller or changing table.  In aligning with the Zen philosophy of less is more, I understood that the fewer artificial vessels I used in my parenting lifestyle, the more connection, extra love and comfortI would give. So, I decided that the only items I would purchase would be a car seat and a baby carrier.

I never felt  though that I was missing out on the typical baby accessories.  When my daughter slept, she slept in the same bed with me. When I fed her, she sat in my lap.  When I changed her, it was either on the bed or the floor. I only used a baby carrier when I was in the house or I needed to go anywhere.

I felt inspired by my choice to use a carrier.  It was a genuine encounter that enhanced my ability to take care of my daughter, promote her development and nurture our bond. One of the richest experiences the carrier gave me and my daughter was the ongoing skin-to-skin contact, I chose it because it has been proven to have the most incredible benefits for the development of pre-term and full-term babies. And the best part of it all was the amazing sensory experience!   Since Nalini was born in July, I kept her dressed in only a diaper—and in the privacy of my home, I kept my own chest bare. The good news is that she seems to enjoy the closeness too!

My daughter is now five, and our bond continues to deepen and expand.  I feel good about how I decided to raise Nalini as a baby. And I still continue with the same approach now. I raise her by keeping it simple J.