How Babywearing Assists Brain Development

The first year of your little one’s life is an extraordinary milestone, especially when it comes to brain development. Your baby is born with 25% of her adult brain size, but within the year the brain doubles in volume and by the age of three it is almost full size. This rapid growth is amazing and can be nurtured through wearing your baby during these life-shaping months.

Research shows that movement and sensory stimulation during early years is vital for brain development (Greenough & Black, 1992; Shatz, 1992) and babywearing is a great way to provide necessary components for the healthy brain growth of your precious little one.

For example, let’s look at movement and sensory stimulation. With movement, your baby relaxes in the comfort of the carrier while also experiencing your movements. All of these backward and forward and up and down motions enrich your baby’s brain compared to keeping your baby in a fixed seat or stroller that is limited in motion. As for sensory stimulation, when the baby is wrapped close to you she will experience constant deep pressure touch and the closeness you share allows your baby to smell you, hear you, and see the world from an exciting perspective.

It’s true. The first years of your baby’s life are a powerful year. So why not take the opportunity to nourish his/her brain development through the beauty of wearing him/her close to your heart? Overflowing with benefits, you’ll be glad you did!



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