What is the Best Position to Wear My Baby?

I have realized that my early baby wearing technique is not very safe!  I immediately changed the way I carried her to an uptight position, after learning that transporting a baby in a cradle hold or in horizontal position could constrict her airway.

When carrying babies in the cradle hold, it is only natural that their chins meet their chests. When this happens, there can be constriction of airflow.  Experiment for a moment and do the same; touch your chin to touch your chest.  Can you feel how this position limits the amount of air you can take in?   Thankfully, you have the neck strength and control to lift your head and open your airway, but babies approximately four months of age and younger have yet to develop this strength.

It is important to note that a cradle hold in a baby carrier is very different than a cradle hold in your arms.  When your baby is in your arms, you are actively holding your baby and constantly shifting positions.  In a carrier, you are passively carrying your baby which means it is a lot easier for you to focus your attention on something else and without noticing your baby’s discomfort.

So, what is the best practice for positioning your baby in a carrier?  It is to wear your baby in a vertical position with his or her face away from your body, or facing upwards, and their chin away from their chest, or not be turned in towards your body and face in view at all times!