Benefits of Babywearing in Colder Months


Wearing babies year round is such an amazing thing for both mom and baby, but in the winter it’s even better. Not only is it more convenient for mom (or dad!), it’s also much warmer and cozy for little ones. And hey, baby’s warmth can even keep mom or dad nice and comfortable during a chilly winter walk.

Research shows that babies are born with thermo regulating cells located in their upper back and shoulders. Also known as brown adipose tissues (BAT), these cells generate heat so that they don’t shiver. When we wear babies we can enjoy the heat from each other while your baby generates additional heat from these cells, making for an all around toasty experience for our precious little bundles.

Yes, strollers can be convenient sometimes, but even while bundled up in blankets your baby isn’t going to get the same cozy warmth that mom or dad could provide. In the colder months, this is a huge benefit to babywearing.

Remember, however, to dress your baby accordingly. Don’t overdress as your baby could overheat. Also, don’t forget to put your carrier on before your coat. Not only is this more comfortable for you (and easier to wear), but you can pull the sides of your coat over baby as well. If your coat isn’t large enough to do so (they make babywearing coats for this, too!), you can also use a thick shawl to wrap around baby as you walk. This may help keep you warm as well, but you’ll be surprised to see how warm you are even with your coat open.

Have you ever tried to wear your baby during the cooler months? If not, give it a shot and let us know what you think. It’s such a beautiful experience and we’re sure you and baby will love the snuggly feeling of bonding close together during this lovely (but cold!) winter season.


Posted on February 6, 2016 and filed under Babywearing, Development & Safety.