Meet Ina

Ina and I met because, in some way, we were looking for each other.  Ina was searching for a carrier for her three-month-old daughter, and I was looking for moms with newly born babies to help evaluate the baby carrier I had just made. And so we met.  Since that day, almost two years ago, Ina has used the Helina Baby carrier on a daily basis as a pair of extra hands for her family life and for her daycare service she operates from her home.  She has given me the most useful feedback to help develop this product and has helped with video demonstration, photos and more.  And you’ve got to love her ideas.  She has found creative ways to turn the carrier into 'other' things to help her get through her busy parenting lifestyle.   Ina is an awesome mom and  I am so happy to be sharing my love for babywearing with her on this beautiful journey of motherhood.  

"Hi, my name is Ina, and I am a mama to five-year-old Noah and two-year-old Elouise. I have carried both of my babies and still do regularly! I also use the Helina Baby carrier on many little ones who have become part of my life as it has proved to bond, comfort and bridge the separation from babies and moms with success. I am passionate about wearing your infant, baby, toddler or even an overtired preschooler as it has brought more love, peace, closeness, strength and everyday ease into our striving family. We have been fortunate to meet Ingrid soon after Elouise was born ( two years ago) and thus I have been using the Helina Baby since. It is by far one amazing gem that we always have with us and have traveled with far and wide. After using and trying multiple other wraps and carriers with my first child, Helina Baby is the one.  It is truly organic, live and personalized carrier for the baby and the parent (or caregiver).  I look forward to sharing my passion for babywearing with you." 

Ina lives in  Mississauga and is available for  Hands-On Carrier Coaching Sessions.  And starting in  2016, as part of her mommy group venue, she will be hosting Helina Baby workshops in her kid-friendly home.  Ina is one inspiring mom to know.  Thank you Ina. 

Posted on December 7, 2015 and filed under Babywearing, Parenting.