One-Minute Meditation


When my daughter Nalini was three years old, I introduced her to one-minute meditation. It was something I made up, and it seemed to work quite well.  It was kind of like a game where I would set a timer for a minute, and for that minute, we would close our eyes with no peeking or talking.  When the timer went off, it was 'the' cue to open our eyes and give each other a hug.  It was easy to for her to participate because she often saw me meditating and like most children, copying their parents is what children do best.

I played the one-minute meditation game with my daughter regularly,  as years went by, our one-minute meditation was extended to two minutes or more.  

Now at six years old, Nalini uses her internal clock to make her decision about how long to sit in her meditation. Sometimes she joins me in the morning if she wakes up in time, and other times she quietly plays until I finish.   It is nice to see her participate on her own and her respect for the silent practice.  

Whether she meditates or not, Nalini joins me for our daily gratitude practice where we take turns and share with each other the things in our lives that we have gratitude for.  It is a beautiful way to end our daily practice and an excellent reminder to be thankful for all that we have.

If you like the idea of one-minute meditation, try it out and see how it goes. And if you have another idea that you use, please share!  But the best advice I can give is to make meditation a part of your life.  You will benefit and so will your family, and if your child sees you meditating, it will most likely be your child's practice too.