A Meeting With Dr. Fettweis

I flew to Germany to meet Dr. Fettweis, a retired orthopedic surgeon who is passionate about hip development and babywearing. I wanted to learn more from this amazing man who has helped many children with hip dysplasia through his technique called the Fettweis Method.  I am concerned about the ways babies are being transported in carriers these days.  Often with their legs dangling and with no support.  I wanted to investigate the possible consequences of this way of carrying children especially when it comes to the hip.  I have to say; it is kind of interesting how many hip problems are present in North America as compared to traditional carrying cultures.  Dr. Fettweis says, there is a reason for this.  I learned so much on my five-day trip, and I am honoured that he was willing to share everything he knows. Dr. Fettweis was quite generous to give me all the books he has written and copies of his research articles and publications. He says that babywearing should not be viewed as a trend or convenience but as the original way of raising children.  The mother’s body is designed to carry her child, and if she does so in the proper way, then she gives her child the best possible outcome for a healthy development.

The oldest tribes understood this wisdom.  It is our technology of strollers, swings and poorly made baby carriers along with a lack of education that steer us away from giving our children the best chance for optimum development.   Dr. Fettweis is almost 90 years old and has researched the hip for over 30 years.  I can’t think of anyone better to teach us how to nourish a child's physical development but him.   Over time, I will share what I have learned.  It will take time because I have to translate a lot of information from German to English and edit hours of videos but, it will happen. I am deeply honoured to have spent time with Dr. Fettweis.  He is my hero and my inspiration.