The Good and Bad About Car Seats

As parents, we do everything we can to give our children the best start in life. But did you know that the way we carry and transport our babies can have a profound impact on their health? It’s true.

Baby travel systems - car seats are a necessity. The baby is strapped into a plastic basket seat that can be secured to a car seat base or a stroller. Because of their convenience, often the baby is kept in a passive position of the basket seat for long periods of time.

There are two things to consider:  if your little one spends too long laying on their back, it can flatten and deform the shape of their head. This is known as “flat head syndrome” – plagiocephaly.

And secondly, be aware of the hip and leg position in the car seat. For healthy development of babies’ hips, it is essential to allow room for the knees to bend and slightly turn out. This is known as a frog position. This natural frog leg position holds the thigh bone into the socket, encouraging a nice deep cup to develop and strengthen.  

car seat helina baby.jpg

Most car seats are wide enough to be safe for little ones, though I did measure and chose the widest one I could find when shopping for ours, and I avoid any bulky clothing or tucked blankets that would compromise this healthy hip position.

Although convenient, when not transporting your baby in a car, consider using a different method for carrying your baby. Babies need movement for their brain development and their general health. They also require support for their joints and bones as they grown and harden.  Extended amounts of time in car seats don't nurture these natural processes.  

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