Three Tips for Winter Wearing

Carrying your baby in spring, summer and fall is comfortable and easy.  However, in the winter when it is cold, windy and snowy how do you continue wearing your little one in comfort?

Winter wearing helina baby.jpg

Here are some ideas to help you during inclement weather.

Be Aware of Baby Body Temperature

I learned an amazing tip from my midwife regarding baby temperature.  She said to check behind the baby’s neck. If it is warm, then the baby is warm. If it is cool, then your baby should have extra layers, if it is too hot and sweaty then your baby is overheated.

Babies are less able to regulate their body temperatures. Therefore, parents are encouraged to practice skin-to-skin contact as much as possible to assist babies in keeping warm. Although skin-to-skin is impossible in cold climate, carrying our babies ON our body, inward facing, inside our coat, ensures that their key internal organs are kept warm.  Also be attentive to the extremities including hands and feet.

 Dressing Your Baby From Head to Toe

HEAD: Your baby needs a good hat, preferably one that covers their ears well. I prefer aviator style hats, or even ones that can be tied on or fastened at the chin. A jacket that comes with a hood is also handy as it can be put on and easily removed as needed.

BODY: If you wear your baby inside your winter coat, baby will require fewer layers, as they are snug and warm inside your jacket.

If you wear your baby outside your coat, I advise to wear as much layers as you would yourself.  Consider carrier types such as a Mei Tai and wraps as added layer of clothing because of how they cover the main part of the baby’s body

FINGERS: The best way to keep your baby’s hands warm is with mitts or built-in jacket hand covers.  

LEGS: When babies are being carried their pants usually ride up to accommodate the seated position in the carrier, thus, often leaving an uncovered space between their knees and feet.  Dressing your baby in a one-piece sleeper, extra long pants or leg warmers ensures that the whole leg is covered and is protected.

FEET: Functionality is of utmost importance. One-piece fleece suites are great. However, I always feel that babies’ feet still need that added layer to provide protection and warmth. I love Padraigs wool booties, Nooks or similar warm slipper booties that are soft, warm, and stay on easily while being carried.

On Babywearing Jackets or Jacket Inserts

There are a few options when it comes to coats and babywearing.  You can either use a large jacket or a special babywearing coat.  I would also recommend custom zipped inserts for pregnancy as well as custom zipped inserts for babywearing on existing coats.


As a safety precaution it is very important that your baby’s face is visible at all times. It is also important to note that your baby’s airway must NOT be obstructed by your scarf or that big fluffy soft neck warmer. Instead, pull out the long-forgotten turtleneck sweater or hoodie to ensure your chest and neck stay warm.



Posted on November 30, 2017 and filed under Babywearing.