The Helina Baby Story

Care. Comfort. Closeness.

Ingrid Gayle, founder

When Ingrid became a mom, she fell in love with babywearing and soon discovered that babies and parents needed more support and comfort from their baby carriers.

While finishing her certification at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, she enrolled at The BabyWearing Institute in Utah, USA and received her certification as a babywearing educator.

As she began to help parents with babywearing, she found carriers such as wraps and ring slings supportive for babies, however, challenging for some parents to use. And with the more user-friendly buckle carriers on the market, in her opinion, were not the best type of carrier for the newborn due to its size  (usually being too big) in addition to not being very comfortable for the caregiver.

Ingrid wanted to solve these problems and provide parents with a baby carrier that was going to be easy to use, exceptionally comfortable and that was going to promote the joint health of their children. So, she developed the Helina Baby carrier.

Ina Avote, co-owner

Ina Avote, a birth doula and mother of three,  joined the Helina Baby team to provide support in bringing the company to the next level. In search for a comfortable carrier, Ina learned about Ingrid’s project and soon after purchased the first prototype of the Helina Baby carrier.  The comfort of the carrier allowed Ina to run her home daycare while meeting her children’s needs and gave her the freedom as a Yoga Instructor to teach her classes while wearing her baby. After raising two of her children over the past four years in the carrier, Ina can attest that Helina Baby has been instrumental in raising her children.

 Left - Ingrid Gayle, founder, Right - Ina Avote, co-owner

Left - Ingrid Gayle, founder, Right - Ina Avote, co-owner



Our Vision

Our vision is to improve how babies are carried to a way that is more supportive for the child's anatomy and more comfortable for babies and parents.

At Helina Baby, we’re passionate about nurturing your child’s development through the use of a carrier. We wish to provide our product to families who are looking for an easy, comfortable and supportive way to carry their children.