Helina Baby Ambassador Program

Care. Comfort. Closeness.

The Helina Baby Ambassador program is a concept to provide one-to-one support to each new customer who purchases a Helina Baby carrier.  It is also an excellent opportunity for you as an Ambassador to support the community, gain more knowledge in the art of  babywearing  and earn extra money doing what you are already doing - sharing your love for Helina Baby carrier.

All of our Ambassador's...

1. Own their Helina Baby carrier.

If you do not own one, that's ok, you can get one now.  Just click here.  Or contact us to borrow one.

2. Have used it for one month.

If you have not used your carrier for a minimum of one month, come back soon!  In the meantime, visit our  how-to videos and learn more about our carrier.

3. Love their Helina Baby carrier and are already telling people about it.


If this is you, click the button below to move on.