Care. Comfort. Closeness.

Doula Care Journey

Your birth and postpartum team will be an essential part of how you experience and remember such a life changing journey; our professional assistance can make all the difference. 

We offer non-judgemental compassionate care to you and your family through education, skilled support and understanding. Doula Care Journey does not tell you how to take the journey rather we guide you en-route. 

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SMPLFY is a one of a kind studio space curated to bring the absolute best in immersive experiences. The intention of SMPLFY is to allow people to unplug from stress, confusion and busyness of our everyday lives and plug back into themselves through engaging and satisfying  immersive experiences that calm the mind, stimulate their senses and/or heighten their awareness.


Anami Roots

We believe a woman's body, mind and soul are ready to achieve anything that comes to her. With a little bit of help and preparation a Woman becomes a Warrior.

At Anami Roots we listen to your needs and cater specificly to you.

We are %100 commited to you and your family during this amazing new journey of yours.

You can choose from prenatal massage, private prenatal Yoga classes to Birth and Labor services, or we have amazing affordable packages with all of this services combined.